Step #1: Watch This 8 Min Video
Listen to this video training on how sales funnel is the only tool you need to kickstart or accelerate your online business
Step #2: Get Started Now!
To Really Know If This Is for you, i would like to invite you to learn and model After top online entrepreneurs strategies with the one funnel away (OFA) challenge
What is OFA Challenge?
The One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) is a training led by Russel Brunson, the founder of multi-million dollar software company called ClickFunnels. The training is meant for those who want to create profitable Sales Funnel (aka the new way of building an online business) by using ClickFunnels.

What You Will Get When You Sign Up
  • 30DAYS.COM HARDCOVER BOOK : 550 pages of what you need to do if you lose everything you have. Valued at $97 
  • ONE FUNNEL AWAY WORKBOOK : Spiral bound copy of workbook that will guide you throughout the 30 Day challenge. Valued at $97
  •  MP3 PLAYER WITH ALL RECORDED LESSONS : Listen to over 40 hours of training anytime anywhere with the MP3 player. Valued at $297
....all the above will be delivered to your doorstep wherever you are worldwide. Sent from ClickFunnels headquarters in Idaho USA in one neat box when you sign up for the OFA challenge.
You will also get ALL THE BELOW
  • 30 DAY VIDEO MISSION : Conducted by Russel Brunson and his team of trainers. Valued at $997 
  • 30 DAY COACHING : Step-by-step coaching conducted by Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.  Valued at $997
  •  OFA CUSTOMIZED KIT (30 DAY PLAN) : Your own 30 day plan so that you can get started. Valued at $247
  •  UNLIMITED ACCESS TO 30 DAY INTERVIEWS : Exclusive interview with members who has achieved at least $1 Million dollar revenue using ClickFunnels so that you can learn and model after their success. All available to you at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Valued at $197
  •  BEHIND THE SCENE OF 2 COMMA CLUB MEMBERS : 2 Comma Club members are those who has achieved at least $1 Million dollar revenue using ClickFunnels and you get to see behind the scenes of how they get their funnels done! Valued at $197
TOTAL VALUE : $3,126 Now Only $100
Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?
Let me tell you more..

With USD $100 investment to join this impactful challenge led by trainer Russell Brunson, coach Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian will show, guide and kick your butts to have your first (or next) sales funnel. It will either bring your business to a whole new level or start a totally new business. My online business and this funnel is the result of this 30 days challenge. I have only one word to describe it - Awesome!

Russell, The Strategist will train you with NEW videos created and structured for this specific challenge. Julie, The Transformer will you walk through the process and Stephen, The Executioner will coach you daily with some LIVE group calls. You can see Stephen as your supportive accountability partner.

You will be going thru a challenging journey which starts with
Pre-Training Week
Mission #1 You Must Belief ~ your mindset training
Mission #2 Failure & What It Teaches Us
Mission #3 The WHO not the HOW ~ this training will WOW you
Mission #4 10X Secrets
Mission #5 Ladyboss Did It... So Can You

Week #1 - Offer
Mission #1 Offer Hacking
Mission #2 The Greatest Showman
Mission #3 Offer Sequencing
Mission #4 eCovers and Offer Assets
Mission #5 Create

Week #2 - Story
Mission #1 Publishing
Mission #2 Epiphany Bridge
Mission #3 Your Origin Story
Mission #4 Hooks, Hooks, * More Hooks

Week #3 - Hooks
Mission #1 Core Funnel Strategy
Mission #2 Your Share Funnel
Mission #3 The Squeeze Page
Mission #4 The Sales Page & Order Form
Mission #5 The OTO Page
Mission #6 The Members Area
Mission #7 Testing & Review

Week #4 - Funnel
Mission #1 The Three Types Of Traffic
Mission #2 The Dream 100
Mission #3 Earn Your Way In
Mission #4 Build Your Way In
Mission #5 Funnel Audibles
For Only $100 Investment For ALL Of This:
30 Days of Video Mission from Russell Brunson worth $997 Value
30 Days of Coaching from Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian worth $997 Value
One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30 Day Plan) worth $247 Value
BONUS: Physical Copy Of The Challenge Workbook worth $97 Value
BONUS: MP3 Player with all the lessons worth $297 Value
BONUS: 30 Days Hardcover Book worth $97 Value
BONUS: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interview worth $197 Value
BONUS: Behind The Scenes-Two Comma Club Interviews worth $197 Value
All the above worth $3126, now only $100
  • WHAT IF This Challenge...
  •  can give you a new stream of income? What will you do with it?
  •  can give you a new opportunity, what will it be?
  •  can change your life, what will your life be?
The Next Challenge Starts on June 17th, 2019
My Bonus Value $1573
Ulysses Wang NLP Training
Marketing Secrets Blackbook
Traffic Unleashed 5 Proven Tactics by VRE Secrets
  •  UNLIMITED ACCESS : to Sales Funnel Library Membership Site. It is a compilation of the best resources to set up your ClickFunnels and Sales Funnel and best tips and tricks videos I have personally used. Valued at $397
  •  PRIVATE FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP : exclusively for my members only, so that you can learn from like-minded people. Valued at $497
  •  SUCCESS IS 80% PSYCHOLOGY COURSE : I will be giving you a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) course Ulysses Wang (Author, Speaker, International Master Coach & Trainer from Singapore) that will be available to you in video, ebook and audiobook format. Valued at $497
  •  MARKETING SECRETS BLACKBOOK : Get your hands on 99 Marketing Secrets that will completely change your business. Authored by Russell Brunson Valued at $$ Priceless
  •  FUNNEL HACKER COOKBOOK : Ink your success in creating highly profitable funnels with the insider recipes from Russel Brunson. Valued at $$ Priceless
  •  SETTING UP CLICKFUNNELS CHECKLIST (PDF) : Including guided step-by-step video training Valued at $37 
  •  SETTING UP SALES FUNNEL CHECKLIST (PDF) : Including guided step-by-step video training Valued at $37
  •  TRAFFIC UNLEASHED : Details of 5 Proven Tactics To Bring Traffic To Your Sales Funnel by Chew Mei Ling (founder of VRE Secrets) Valued at $37
  •   THE ART OF MONEY GETTING EBOOK : Authored by P.T Barnum, a historical entrepreneur and founder of famous traveling circus. Valued at $17
  •  THE POWER WORDS IN SALES EBOOK : Don't underestimate the power of words in your copy. The content will inspire you to craft your best sales copy. Valued at $17
  •  NINJA TACTIC: Tips on how to stay motivated anytime, anywhere. Valued at $37

TOTAL VALUE : $1,573

$3,126 + $1,573 = $4,699 WORTH OF TRAINING & KNOWLEDGE!
I remembered during my One Funnel Away Challenge, it was really exciting and overwhelming at certain missions. Especially for me as I do not have any products/services to offer before the challenge. There are so many new concepts, AHA moments, things to get done for each mission that I do at night and over the weekend. But it is really worth my money and time investment. I am glad that I made the right decision to join it at that time, else you will not be reading this message right now. 

I faced so many obstacles not only in creating my new products and offers that I believe will add values to people life but also in setting up the ClickFunnels (CF). I have to set up all the integrations for payment gateway, SMTP gateway, Auto Responder integration, domains, digital assets, and others. I have spent hours and hours to figure it out, finding resources, reading help files and contacting the support team to get my ClickFunnels account ready. And during the process, I have compiled all the resources into my Membership Site together with the CF setup & Sales Funnel checklist. Do you think these resources will be helpful for you? I am going to give it to you FREE access so you can save your time and money. It is easily worth $397 for it.

Creating a good offer with amazing Hook, Story and Offers in the Sales Funnel is one part of it. The other part that is equally important is TRAFFIC. Nobody will know your Sales Funnel exists if without visitors (Traffic). During week 4 of OFA challenge, they will cover 3 types of traffics which definitely help. To boost it further, I am grateful to have Mei Ling from Virtual Real Estate Secrets, to share her "Traffic Unleashed: 5 Proven Tactics To Bring Traffic To Your Sales Funnel" and you will be getting this for FREE too. She is also a Certified Search Engine Optimization by Search Engine Academy.

As the challenge progress, there are times I felt overwhelmed and stress from my fulltime job make it harder to continue with the journey. I am grateful for my skills as a Certified NLP Practitioner by ABNLP and The Society of Neuro-Linguistics Programming, I will put myself back into an empowering state to move forward. I am going to share with you my Ninja tactic on How to Stay Motivated At Anytime, Anywhere video training whenever you need it. Is it going to be useful for you? Plus Success is 80% Psychology, learn how NLP can turbo charge your success with online training by Ulysses, International Master NLP Trainer & Coach. And I was certified by him under ABNLP in his LIVE workshop.
IMPORTANT!!!  How to claim your bonuses from me? 
First, you must sign up using my link by clicking the button [Join The Challenge Now!] on this page. Yes, I am the affiliate of ClickFunnels and I am promoting OFAC which I myself have joined and it has helped me to have a breakthrough.

Second, forward me your ClickFunnels Receipt that you will receive after sign-up.

And I will send to you immediately all my awesome Bonuses once I receive your ClickFunnels receipt from you. Lets Go Now!
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